Step by Step Testing

Here, we provide you with detailed explanation on how things should look like and what details to pay attention to.
The step by step walkthrough of the Technology Test level is organized the same way as the actual rooms in the level. Each room is intended for testing one feature or a group of related features. Each section consists of a GO button, one or more screen shots and a short explanation of what to look for.
When you click on the GO button in the guide, you will switch to a running instance of the Serious Sam application and be instantly teleported to the right room. You may freely use the Alt-Tab key combination to switch between the game and the guide. Note that if you want to run Serious Sam in full screen, you have to press Alt-Enter after switching to Serious Sam.
You can manually jump to any of the predefined positions by entering its number in console as GoTo marker. The position number is shown next to each GO button.

When you start the technology test, you are first spawned in the middle between two temples. On your left is Temple of Models and on your right Temple of Effects.

Temple of Models presents basic rendering modes used for dynamic models:

Temple of Effects presents various other effects used for architecture rendering and other special effects: