Keyboard and Mouse Controls

Basic keyboard and mouse controls that are bound by default are explained here. If you wish to change those, please feel free to edit the script file Controls\Controls0.ctl located in the directory where you have installed Serious Sam Technology Test.

Mouse movement is set as commonly used by most people. That is, moving mouse left/right rotates player respectively and moving mouse up/down, looks up/down. Base set of keyboard commands includes:

Move forward W or Arrow Up
Move backward S or Arrow Down
Turn left Arrow Left
Turn right Arrow Right
Strafe left Q
Strafe right E
Jump/Swim up Space or R
Dodge/Swim down F

Besides the in-game controls, there are following general keyboard shortcuts that cannot be rebound:

Activate menu Escape
Activate console `/~ (Tilde)
Pause game Pause
Switch fullscreen/windowed mode Alt-Enter