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Keyboard shortcuts

Mode switching

M toggle model/mapping view
S load script


Space+LMB+mouse move viewer/mapping left/right/up/down
Space+RMB+mouse move viewer/mapping left/right/in/out
Space+LMB+RMB+mouse rotate viewer around focus
Ctrl+LMB+mouse move model left/right/up/down
Ctrl+RMB+mouse move model left/right/in/out
Ctrl+(Num +) / Ctrl+Space+LMB zoom in viewer/mapping x 2
Ctrl+(Num -) / Ctrl+Space+RMB zoom out viewer/mapping x 2
Backspace reset view/mapping position

Windows standard

F1 help
Ctrl+N new document
Ctrl+O open document
Ctrl+S save document
Ctrl+Shift+S save as document (non script mode)
Ctrl+Shift+S recreate model from script (script mode)
Ctrl+P preferences
Alt+Q close document window
G toggle all tool bars
Ctrl+I toggle info window
Ctrl+J toggle color palette
Ctrl+K toggle patch palette
Alt+S take screenshot
Ctrl+U save thumbnail


PgUp previous texture
PgDn next texture
Ctrl+T add texture
Ctrl+Shift+T create texture
R recreate current texture
Ctrl+R remove texture


Alt+A animation list (model view mode)
Ctrl+Shift+A update model animations
Arrow up previous animation
Arrow up/down previous/next animation
Shift+Arrow up/down first/last animation
Shift+Arrow left/right first/last frame
Return toggle animation pause mode on/off
Shift+Return play current anim once
F5 rotate heading for 90 deg clockwise
F6 rotate pitch for 90 deg clockwise
F7 rotate banking for 90 deg clockwise


I create level of details
Z select surface(s) dialog
Tab next surface
Shift+Tab previous surface
C center mapping area on screen (mapping mode)
C toggle view collision box (model view mode)
, toggle pick color mode
1 set center vertex for attachment placement
2 set front vertex for attachment placement
3 set up vertex for attachment placement
A toggle view all surfaces (mapping mode)
Alt+B animate mapping area texture on/off
Ctrl+Q toggle measure relative offset mode

Rendering settings

B toggle texture in background
Ctrl+Shift+B change color for background
Ctrl+B toggle skin rendering
F view floor on/off
W toggle wire frame on/off
Alt+C view model in surface colors
A change light color
U toggle auto rotation
Alt+R toggle rendering statistics
N render model without texture
T render model using texture
E render in white texture
Num+ render model using on colors
Num- render model using off colors

Mip modeling

O toggle auto mip modeling (auto LOD)
[ or Ctrl+Up switch to rougher mip level (LOD)
] or Ctrl+Down switch to more precise mip level (LOD)


Insert add current patch
Delete remove current patch
Ctrl+Arrow left previous patch
Ctrl+Arrow right next patch