Creating and Adding Bump Textures

(The following Article describes the creation and usage of Detail-Textures, the Bump-Shader has been removed since Version 1.05)

Adding Bump to models adds another level of realism in model's vizualisation. When observing model very closely viewer may noticed bluriness of texture (texture size isn't big to eliminate huge impact on graphic cards and Engine). To eliminate blur and to simulate nature of material like stone, rocks and old metals, Bump textures are used. Bump textures should be greyscale 2d images used to displace texture on models (Figure 71 shows typical bump map used in Serious Engine).

Create Texture Window with Bump03
Figure 71

As you can see their size in meters is very small allowing them to "tile" (repeat) over model. Since they use model's mapping coordinates no distortion occurs. Figure 72a shows model with texture that resembles as it was made from stone.

Modeler shows Amon-Model
Figure 72

Such model is very suitable for adding Bump, in same fashion as reflection and specularity. From Rendering tab select all surfaces or ones you want to add bump to. Click on Bump checkbox and load bump texture using Browse Bump Texture icon. You need to get very close to model to see bump effect. Another way to add small details to model is to use Detail texture instead of Bump. Bump effect takes in account light's angle and positions while Detail only adds small amount of grain over texture (but have less impact on CPU). Those 2 modes are exclusive i.e. you cant have both enabled. Same as for specular and reflection textures, bump texture can be added in script, so any model recreating will result in automatic Bump texture adding.

Modeler shows Amon-Model with Detail-Shader enabled
Figure 72b - Detail texture

Modeler shows Amon-Model with Bump-Shader enabled
Figure 72c - Bump texture

TIP1: Bump or Detail can be removed from mipmodels (in same fashion as reflection and specular texture).
TIP2: Good idea is to add 2 same mipmodels (0th and 1st) , with difference being in that 0th have Bump and 1st and rest of mipmodels dont.