Collision Box

We need to create collision boxes for model.Open Tools window (Q shortcut) and access Collision tab (Figure 24).

1. Collision Box Size
2. Collision Box Offsets
3. Collision Box Name
4. Add/Remove Collision
Figure 24

We will create 2 collision boxes, one that will be used when model is "dead" (lying on floor) and one for rest (DEFAULT). Press C to enable interactive collision box render. First we will create DEFAULT collision box. Select option L=W ( lenght = width). This tells modeler to use same numbers for 2 values (width and lenght). For width type in 0.75 and for height type in 1.8 (Figure 49).

Figure 49

This collision box will use as collision of HeadMan and player's bullets, for collision between headman and world. To add "Death" collision box, click on Add button in collision tab. You have now 2 collision boxes (scroll between them with arrows < > in menu). For DEATH model will lye on floor (enable floor pressing F), collision box need to be totally different than for DEFAULT. Select H=W (height = width) option nad type for width 0.4 and 1.5 for lenght. (Figure 50).

Figure 50

Collision boxes can be adjusted, add, removed in any time so aditional tweaking of it might be required once we add model's animations. Collision box size is saved in .mdl file and in .h file required for Engine's AI.