Creating Models and Scripts

SeriousModeler without Document
Figure 01

Run Serious Modeler (Figure 01).To create model from 3d geometry file you need 3d object supported by Serious Modeler. Press CTRL-N or select New from file menu. Requester opens asking you to click on 3d object file you want to create model from. Select Headman.lwo and voila model is created (Figure44).
Note: if 3d object doesnt contain UV data, error message will be shown.

SeriousModeler Headman without Texture
Figure 44

Press CTRL S or Save from file menu to save model with name HeadMan.mdl (you can save it under different name pressing Save As from file menu).

Once model is created in folder with objects file , 4 additional text files are created:

Once script is created and model saved, its time to edit script and adjust some settings. First, press s shortuct to access script and change model's TEXTURE_DIM line (2.0X 2.0Y is by default) to 1.0 1.0 . As you can see in Listing 03, by default Headman.tex (name of model plus suffix .tex) is added. Since Headman is multifunction model instead of TEXTURE HeadMan.tex line add this 4 lines:

TEXTURE BomberMan.tex
TEXTURE FireCracker.tex
TEXTURE Kamikaze.tex
TEXTURE RocketMan.tex

NOTE: for creating and adding textures manually please reffer to Basic tutorial.
This 4 textures are skins for 4 models derived from basic headman model. Save script and click on Recreate model from script icon or press CTRL SHIFT S shortcut. After recreating you should have Headman looking like on Figure 45.

SeriousModeler Headman with Texture
Figure 45

Browse thru textures (PAGE UP/DOWN shortcut) to see how they change on model. Model size is now ~90kb. For easy editing script and model can be on screen is same time. From WINDOW Menu click New Window and then enableTileVertically checkbox. Select left window and access script. Modeler should look like on Figure46.

SeriousModeler Headman with Script
Figure 46

Having both, script and render view opened in same time will speed up process of model creation and adjustments.