Models animations are saved inside .mdl file and are easy accesed in Serious Modeler. Each animation have its unique name in order to be played corectly in Serious Engine.
To play model's animations Anim Control menu is used (Figure 02b).

1. Play/Stop Animation (Looping)
2. Play Animation Once
3. Synchronize Model and Texture Animation
4. Show/Hide Frame Rate
5. Select Animation Pulldown
6. Chose Animation Menu
Figure 02b

Use cursors Up/Down to cycle thru model's animations or use Select Animation Pulldown menu to select animation(Figure 02c).

Figure 02c

Manual scrubbing thru frames can be achived with Left/Right cursors (while animations is stopped). Animation tab in Tools Window is used to interactivly adjust speed of curent animation and it gives you information about number of frames in it and lenght of whole animation (Figure 33).
Note: animation speed adjusted in Animation tab isnt saved in script, next time model is recreated or animations are updated, values from script file will be used.

Figure 33

With Shift Up/Shift Down you can jump on first/last animation in model.