Every model in Serious Engine can colide with other models or with world geometry. Collision can be per polygon (generally slow with high polygon count) or with use of bounding boxes. To create model's collison box COLLISION tab in Tools window (Q shortcut) is used (Figure 24).

1. Collision Box Size
2. Collision Box Offsets
3. Collision Box Name
4. Add/Remove Collision
SeriousModelers ToolsInfo Collision-Tab showing positioning values
Figure 24

Models can have numerous collision boxes (which can be added and removed in any time), for example one for normal pose, one for death, one for fly state etc. Press C on keyboard to toggle collision box rendering (Figure25).

SeriousModeler Headman with visible Collision-Box
Figure 25

Green box for DEFAULT pose draws around model. Its size and position can be adjusted in collision menu (Width, Height, position etc...). As you change those numbers size and position of box interactivly changes. Press > button to view other collsion boxes, DEATH is next one used when Headman is dead. Collision properties are saved with model so every time you recreate model it will have those properties.