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'Serious Modeler' is Serious engine's application used for compiling and editing models. Models are static or animated 3D objects that usually consist of many polygons (like weapons, monsters, furniture, statues, effects, etc.). 'Serious Modeler' enables model creating, unwrap texture mapping defining, model rendering setup, level of detail creation, switch distance control, hierarhical model attaching, sound linking, patch positioning and collision box definining. Modeler is standard Windows multi-document application. It can work on two types of documents: model and script. Script is a text file used in model creation. It contains file names used for model creating, files used in texture mapping defining and files that form animations. Model is built eather from a single 3D object file or from a series of files exported from an 3D modeling program like Lightwave or 3D Studio. Since models in 'Serious Engine' use unwrap skin texture mapping, all frames that form one model's animations and mapping must have same number of vertices and polygons.
'Serious Modeler' displays 3D view of a model and 2D view of skin mapped texture. In 3D view mode you can examine model's animations. Animation can be paused and viewed using frame by frame. Model can be rendered in numerous ways (wire frame, hiden lines, bounding box, surface colors, on and off colors, white shade,...). Model is shaded as result of ambient and point light illumination. Color of lights can be changed, light direction and distance can be modified.
One or more skin textures can be added to a model. They can be switched at any time. You can also add some effects to a model like reflection, specular or bump. Reflection texture can be generated to reflect a certain place in a level from series of pictures exported by 'Serious Editor'. Specular texture can be generated in Modeler using specularity editor.
'Serious Modeler' implements level of detail (LOD) generation. Model can have up to 32 precalculated LODs. Application's user interface enables intuitive way for setting mip switching distance. Quality of one of model's level of detail can be examined from close-up using manual mip switching. 'Serious Modeler' also enables patch (texture that can be applied over skin texture) position defining. Main editing tool of 'Serious Modeler' is tool window. It consist of property pages. Tool window displays usefull information (global info about model, current animation name and length, current mip info, ...) and enables data editing (collision box size, sounds, attachments, rendering, ...).

This picture of a standard Serious Modeler layout will be used to explain its basic components.


1. Model render view
2. Script
3. Tools window
4. Toolbars
5. Status line
6. Edited model

Modeler GUI with all Components