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Keyboard shortcuts

You can also examine latest SDK changes for additional shortcuts.

Mode switching

E switch to entity mode
S switch to sector mode
P switch to polygon mode
. (dot) switch to vertex mode


Space+LMB+mouse move view left/right/up/down
Space+RMB+mouse move view left/right/in/out
Space+LMB+RMB+mouse rotate view around focus
Space+LMBx2 focus clicked point
Ctrl+Space+LMB zoom in 2 x
Ctrl+Space+RMB zoom out 2 x
Ctrl+LMB+mouse move entity/mapping left/right/up/down
Ctrl+RMB+mouse move entity/mapping left/right/in/out
Ctrl+LMB+RMB+mouse rotate entity/mapping
Ctrl+LMBx2 teleport entity/mapping to double clicked point
Ctrl+(Num +) zoom in x 2
Ctrl+(Num -) zoom out x 2
Backspace center to center of map
Shift+Backspace center to background viewer

Windows standard

F1 help
Ctrl+N new document
Ctrl+O open document
Ctrl+S save document
Ctrl+Shift+S save as document
Ctrl+P preferences
Alt+Q close document window
Ctrl+L invoke console
Ctrl+U game settings
Ctrl+C copy (selected entity or whole world, polygon settings, selected sectors)
Ctrl+Shift+C alternative copy (copy selected sectors but without contained entities)
Ctrl+V paste
Ctrl+Shift+V alternative paste (polygon properties without mapping, entities to second layer)
Ctrl+W remember undo
Ctrl+Z undo
Ctrl+Y redo

Rendering settings

Alt+(0-9) apply rendering settings (0-9)
Ctrl+Alt+(0-9) store current rendering settings under buffer (0-9)
Ctrl+Num 0-9 store current view and rendering configuration
Num 0-9 restore view and rendering configuration

Virtual tree

W invoke currently assigned shortcut list
0-9 shortcut to virtual directory
Ctrl+(0-9) set shortcut to currently opened virtual directory
/ open/close virtual directory list

CSG operations

Return start CSG mode
Ctrl+Shift+LMB size primitive
Ctrl+Shift+RMB shear top of primitive
Shift+LMB/RMB add/remove closest vertice in primitive base
Ctrl+LMB move closest vertice of primitive base
O repeat CSG wizard (clone last operation)
Alt+O invoke numeric CSG wizard
L join layers (copy entities from second layer into edited world)
Num + CSG add
Num - CSG subtract
Num Del cancel CSG mode
Delete delete selected entities
Num / CSG split sectors
Shift + (Num /) join sectors
Num * split polygons
Shift + Num * join polygons
Shift+(Num *) join polygons

Common operations

T test game
Alt+Return start full screen mode
Q toggle tools window
Ctrl+I toggle tools window
Z toggle selection mark on/off
` deselect all
LMBx2 select polygons similar by color or select entity with its child entities
C center entity selection, colorize polygon and sector selection
Ctrl+Alt+LMB/RMB double/halve texture mapping on polygon
Shift+Alt+LMB deselect polygons with orientation different to clicked one
Shift+Alt+RMB deselect polygons with orientation same as clicked one
V toggle browse entities by volume mode
A teleports viewer to focus primitive, world, sectors, polygons, entities
Ctrl+Shift+A invokes select entities dialog
N invokes select entities dialog
H view shadows on/off
Ctrl+H auto shadow calculation on/off
R calculate shadows from directional light
, copy texture from current layer
K paste texture over selection or polygon under mouse
M copy mapping from polygon under mouse
U paste as projected mapping
J paste mapping over selection or polygon under mouse
Ctrl+A select all entities in volume, align primitive to screen, show all sectors
X hide unselected sectors
Alt+X hide selected sectors
Y view from entity
D drop marker
Alt+D test movement along path
F open virtual directory that contains texture under mouse
Ctrl+Q toggle measure mode
I toggle data tips on/off
Ctrl+Home store viewer position 1
Ctrl+End store viewer position 2
Home restore viewer position 1
End restore viewer position 2
[ previous (entity in volume mode, polygon in selection in polygon mode)
] next (entity in volume mode, polygon in selection in polygon mode)
\ select target
Alt+~ toggle maximization of view under mouse
Tab rotate entity/layer 90 deg clockwise
Tab rotate entity/layer 90 deg counter clockwise
Arrow left rotate entity/layer world left
Arrow right rotate entity/layer world right
Arrow up rotate entity/layer world up
Arrow down rotate entity/layer world down
Ctrl+Shift+R recreate active texture
Ctrl+T create texture
Ctrl+Shift+U update clones


Alt+S take screenshot
Alt+T save thumbnail
Alt+R toggle scene rendering profile
/ flips circularly (around x, y, z, no flip) world in second layer
Alt+M measurement tape on/off
B toggle auto mip brushing (LOD on brushes)
Ctrl+B toggle decade/binary grid
G view link lines on/off
Ctrl+G view grid on/off
Ctrl+Shift+I toggle view direction icons
Ctrl+K align mapping in u direction
Ctrl+Shift+K align mapping in v direction
Alt+P toggle background pictures/objects on/off
F5 top view
Shift+F5 bottom view
F6 right view
Shift+F6 left view
F7 front view
Shift+F7 back view
F8 perspective view
Ctrl+Shift+W invoke world settings dialog