How to create moving brushes

Drop moving brush entity. Check that it is selected as CSG target (combo box on top of the screen near CSG icons must say 'moving brush'). Add box of material to it using CSG operation. Drop first marker using 'D'. Move brush to another location (you can also try to rotate it). Drop second marker ('D'). Repeat 'marker drop' operation as many times as you wish. Test path of moving brush using 'Alt+D' command. Turn on 'move on touch' entity property flag. Moving brush will start its voyage trough markers when touched. You can disable move on touch flag. In that case moving brush will start when triggered with start event. You can also add sounds to brushes, change wait time and speed, ... Value of each property can be changed in marker by setting marker's property value to value different from -1 (-1 means don't change property).