How to use cloning

All entities with same names are considered to be clones. All af the clone's childs entities are involved in cloning operation. Select one clone entity, change it and choose update clones. SED will delete all clones and their child entities and will replace them with new ones. Old clones will be deleted and source clone will be copied to their positions. Positions and rotations of old clones will remain the same. Updated clones will have source clone's child entities. For example: you can have many columns that are clones (have same name), and you change shape or texture on one of them. Select modified column and apply 'Update clones' operation. All other columns will look like source clone. It is also very useful to work with clones and their child entities. You can add a torch model, fire model, sound and light to a column source, set child-parent links (column is parent) and update clones. All clones should now have lights, sound, fire... Very useful feature.