How to work with lights

Light is added to world using drag and drop operation (from browser window). Initial light settings are: white (no overbrightning) colored point light with small falloff radius. Selecting property 'Type' we can change light to ambient light or directional light. Directional light will influence only polygons that have directional light flag on. To calculate shadows from directional light (they are not updated automatically) press 'R' or click on calculate shadows tool button. For point light we can adjust hotspot and falloff radius properties according to our needs. You can move point light around and it will automatically cast shadows on polygons inside range of influence. To animate certain light, select 'animation file' property. Browse light animation file created using light animation editor. To add lens flares and reflections, select 'lens flare' property and select light effect. To change color of light select 'color' property and select new color.